Webinar: Belbin & Dynamic Goal Setting

This is the time of the year when most organizations in India have closed operations for the financial year ending 31st March ’19 and have started the Goal Setting process with its employees This webinar is to look at “Goal Setting” as a dynamic enabling process. A process where individuals want to make contributions that matter […]

Webinar: Belbin & Breakthrough Performance

In this webinar, we are bringing together the facilitators of the Belbin Masterclass session on one platform. With Steve Correa, Stephen Chinnaswamy & Pearl D’Souza, this is going to be a power packed learning session and we would love you to be part of it! We want to truly make sure that you have key take-aways from […]

Webinar: Growth Mindset in Stakeholder Collaboration

As leaders, knowing our stakeholders and building a relationship of collaboration is important to attain collective organization goals. In this webinar we have the opportunity to speak with Mr. PG Suresh Kumar who has earned the unique portfolio of leading both line and people function. PG Suresh Kumar is Head HR at L&T IDPL and is also […]

Webinar: Making Collaboration REAL (20th July 2018)

With the future of work changing, collaboration today is a key competency for leaders and team members to possess. Technology is changing the way we work. In an everchanging work environment with industry uncertainties, creating new opportunities requires that we work together. Collaboration is a must not only to thrive but to survive! We are […]

Inspiring Development Journeys that Nurture Talent and Diversity

So happy to present this month a webinar that explores what truly makes development journeys successful and impactful. We had the wonderful opportunity of working with Roopashree Shanker GM-Circle HRBP, at Vodafone UP west on their Women Development Journey. Vodafone is an organization with a keen focus on developing talent and building an internal leadership […]

Webinar: The Key Drivers of People Management in New India (22nd Sept 2017)

India is at an interesting place today wherein we are called to create and nurture the future. The New India is one that will need to leverage the strength of the vast millennial workforce and its diversity across the length and breadth of our country. The transportation industry is one that contributes to nation building […]

Webinar – The Psychology of Leadership: leveraging Belbin & MBTI

Leadership development and building pipeline leadership is a crucial area whether one is part of a start up or a large conglomerate. Organisations are constantly looking at providing leaders and potential managers with the tools to enhance their leadership effectiveness In this webinar we will do a deep dive into two very renowned behavioural and […]

Webinar: Exploring Belbin Team Roles (18th Oct 2016)

Organisations today more than ever realise that the key drivers that enable talent to propel business results are the abilities to collaborate, leverage strengths and embrace diversity This webinar is designed to allow you to explore one of the most renowned behavioural tools being used in corporate and academia worldwide. The Belbin Team Roles is the […]

Webinar on Learning Effectiveness – Measurement and Impact

Leslie D’ Souza was part of a webinar conducted by SHRM India on Learning Effectiveness – Measurement and Impact. You can view the webinar here.