Webinar: Interpreting Your Belbin Report & Applications (22nd Nov 2017)

In today’s VUCA times when there is so much happening all at once, success and growth require the ability to spot new opportunities, be agile, adapt and even create the ‘new’. There is the constant demand to bring our ‘A’ game to work.
Feedback coupled with reflection and introspection is the master ingredient to hone our effectiveness and maintain our edge. Feedback is key cause that’s what others see and respond to. We’ve found the Belbin insights so valuable to enhance effectiveness and engagement. Belbin provides a valuable opportunity to discover what you and others see as your strengths and thus be able to identify how to be most effective at work and in a team.

If you are responsible for performance and engagement, would like to explore an effective tool or would like to know more about how a Belbin report can be leveraged, do join us in this webinar

During this session we will:

  1. Walk through each page of the Belbin individual report
  2. Understand what each page says and how you can use the inputs
  3. Leverage individual reports for
    • Enhancing engagement levels
    • Being more effective
    • Discovering your authentic leadership style
    • Get a peek into the video coaching link

Seeing the value of a tool like the Belbin is definitely enhanced when one experiences it first hand. On registering for the webinar, we are happy to offer you a special 15% discount on doing your own Belbin profile valid until 20th November 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Date:- 22nd November 2017.

Time:- 4.00pm to 4.45pm.

Kind regards
PrePearl team