With the virtual space being the new workspace, how can we leverage individual and team strengths to avoid the possible pitfalls of the virtual environment and embrace the opportunity for productivity and collaboration that it offers.
Get a first hand experience of using the world renowned Belbin Team Roles to unlock individual and team potential in a virtual context! Join us!!

The session will enable participants:

  • Reflect and identify their behavioural strengths- Your personal discovery
  • Experience ‘how’ of Maximizing Team Potential
  • Enhance effectiveness and productivity both at a personal level and as a team at large.


Session highlights:

  • Your Complete Belbin Report: 10 page report with Observer Inputs + Video Coaching link (10 min video on how to best use one’s top team role)
  • Reference Resource: Online Video Learning Module (3 lessons) with Step by Step Walk through of report
  • Blended Learning: Online Learning Module + Live Facilitator led
  • Get a live experience using Belbin

Date: 21st , 22nd May 2020
Time: 9.30am – 11.30am both days


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