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The official Belbin UK accreditation course design enables participants to gain in depth knowledge and develop confidence to use Belbin Team Role theory and concepts to deliver results



Blended learning with Learning Management System and in person session

Your Personal Discovery Journey- Your Complete Belbin Profile

Workshop ideas, exercises to run your own sessions

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Official Belbin games and videos

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Why get accredited

Why get accredited

Knowledge and confidence to design and run interventions

Ability to interpret entire gamut of Belbin reports

Privilege to use the Belbin Accredited logo

Significant discount on Belbin profilings.

Access to a special international "Belbin accredited only" resource webpage.

Post Accreditation online support in your journey ahead.

Bonus: What you get when you register:

Team Roles at Work by Dr. Meredith Belbin worth Rs.3000

Reference Video - ‘Belbin Team Role Language and Technique’. This professional video introduces one to the nine team roles and the Belbin technique of collaboration. This valuable resource doubles up as a refresher for participants that is available at the click of a button- worth Rs. 1000 per person.

Two complimentary testing units worth Rs.6500 to get started on building confidence and experience in leveraging the Belbin reports.

Post Accreditation Engagement

Exercise and build your Belbin skill

Belbin Batch Call

Reconnect with your batch, share learnings, clarify doubts  and building confidence as you leverage the Belbin insights.

Belbin Workouts

Be part of our active and dynamic community of Belbin professionals. Keep the learning alive and explore Belbin applications through the 'Belbin Workouts' on the Belbin Whatsapp Forum

The above are unique resources and experiences provided by PrePearl that will enable you to experience first hand the Belbin impact and use the new knowledge to build credible designs that bring about change within the organisation.

Course Design

Learning Module System (LMS)

History & Research of Belbin Team Roles

Dr Belbin's 'Why'

Belbin Team Roles Summary

Belbin FAQs

Module 1: Theory

Module 2: Individuals & Teams

Module 3: Teams & Jobs

Module 4: Belbin & Industry application

Day 1

Team Role Theory and the Belbin Foundation

  • Welcome, Context Setting and Introduction
  • Team Role theory and historical background
  • Introduction to the language of behaviour
  • Nuances of the Team Roles, allowable and non allowable weaknesses
  • Individual reports

Day 2

Belbin & Leadership Effectiveness

  • Belbin Instrument Characteristics
  • Interpreting Individual Report
  • Leveraging Belbin in Coaching
  • Introduction to Interplace 8- Belbin Talent Management System

Day 3

Belbin Powering Performance (Individual & Team)

  • Deep insight into Team dynamics

  • Diagnosing Team Culture

  • Managing Team weaknesses and Building a Balanced team

  • Aligning Team Roles and resources to Project Stages

  • Job Reports- Eligibility & Suitability

Day 4

Technique of Collaboration

  • Team Role Chemistry in working relationships
  • Belbin and Industry Application
  • Accreditation Test

Course Directors


Leslie D’Souza,

CMD, PrePearl Training Development Pvt Ltd

Pearl D’Souza McKenzie

Director, PrePearl Training Development Pvt Ltd


11th, 12th, 13th, 14th June 2024


Rs.65,000 plus GST

Early bird rate: Rs.60,000 plus GST for registrations and payment received before 24th May 2024.

Participant Speak

I particularly loved the online experience - it was customized to my need and learning pace. As an avid learner, this experience kept my excitement and exhilaration throughout. The Belbin Accreditation process was definitely one of the top learning experiences for me.

I would highly recommend PrePearl for the intense and deep learning experience. Pearl is a very gifted teacher and has the innate capacity to break complex to simple. She understands the need of the learner and rises to meet them very effectively. I am certified on multiple tools and am a certified Coach as well. Belbin Team Roles is one of the potent tools to build individual and team capacity. I have loved every bit of it and would highly recommend its usage and would love to continue using it myself.

Nobita Rajagopalan

Co Founder and Director TACHUB

The Belbin Accreditation is a power-packed course. It helped me understand the underlying theory and its application in detail. Now I am confident to use this tool in my consultation and at work. The show and tell of the entire report and Belbin Interplace was useful. Also at PrePearl learning is fun, inventive and interesting.

Iravati Joshi

Senior Manager, Tata Management Training Centre

Flexibility, caring, matured outlook, futuristic perspective, accommodative, forthcoming and above all authenticity is what I associate my experience with PrePearl. Both your knowledge, passion for the tool was so evident in the way the accreditation was conducted.

As a fellow consultant I have learnt a lot in my interaction with both of you and quite excited to be associated with Belbin and PrePearl in this journey. As a team all of you have displayed responsiveness and client centricity in your actions. This is what I admire a lot about the team.

Om Prakash SP

Founder, Scalist

Tata Business Excellence Group has been the flag bearer for Excellence (Business, Digital, Social and Safety) in the Tata Group for last over 27 years in the form of TBEM (Tata Business Excellence Model) and other frameworks. Over the years companies have benefited from the model and have also institutionalised Excellence as part of their DNA in running their operations and preparing the organisations to be leaders in their respective sectors. TBExG has been leveraging Belbin team roles for over 4 years, for its Assessors (who are high performing Crack Teams) resourced from within the group. This has enabled teams to play out the strengths of all the team members to their potential as well as collaborate where required, and this has certainly helped teams deliver “Strategically Significant Assessments

Deepak A Deshpande

Vice President, Tata Business Excellence Group

I must say the reference read and the two days construct is so thoughtfully designed that, you won't realise, when you start talking the Belbin language. Both the instructors Pearl and Leslie bring extensive practical experience and substance depth on the subject. Special mention of pre read videos, specially the video recording by Pearl.

Janesh Kumar

CHRO RP Sanjeev Goenka Group FMCG

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