Maximizing Potential- Tata Motors, Legal Team

At the outset thank you for taking the time to fill up the reflection sheet. It is about two weeks since the session and a good time to take a quick pause and reflect on how well we are working on our action points and leveraging the new insights from the session. This reflection sheet is meant to be a tool to help you consciously leverage the team role insights and also reach out to us if you have any queries or would like assistance.

  • (A time when you were aware of your own team role or were sensitive to your colleagues’ team role strengths while working with them. What was the impact?)
  • eg: Anish in my team is a Resource Investigator (RI). Last week we had a meeting where we had to negotiate with a dealer. I took Anish with me for the meeting and his contribution was very helpful in connecting with the dealer and helping arrive at a win-win solution for both of us.
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