Webinar: Exploring Belbin Team Roles (18th Oct 2016)

Organisations today more than ever realise that the key drivers that enable talent to propel business results are the abilities to collaborate, leverage strengths and embrace diversity

This webinar is designed to allow you to explore one of the most renowned behavioural tools being used in corporate and academia worldwide. The Belbin Team Roles is the pioneer in team role theory and brings to managers and leaders the ability to predict and thus build high performance teams.

Through this webinar you will:

  • Get introduced to the nine team roles
  • There is technique in teamwork- Know the ‘how’ of collaboration, the Belbin Way!
  • Get insight into how Belbin is different from psychometric and other behavioural tools
  • Know how industry world wide and in India is leveraging team roles and the results seen


You can watch this webinar on Youtube in case you missed it before.

Leadership Transformation- Emcure Pharmaceuticals


When an organisation operates in a dynamic, high pressure environment and is on the brink of a new phase of growth and expansion, one of the key factors that enables success is a leadership team that is equipped to address the challenging times, leverage opportunities and most importantly tap into and synergise strengths that employees bring to the table.   Emcure Pharmaceuticals is one of India’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies  and an organisation that truly believes in the power and potential of our country. It is well on its journey to realise its vision of ‘Emerging as a technology driven global player offering high quality and cost effective healthcare.’’

The pharma industry in particular calls for very high levels of compliance and a stringent work ethic.  Emcure focusses on robust research, manufacturing processes and expanding its footprint globally.  At this crucial point in its journey, Emcure appreciates the focus and support that needs to be given to leadership across the organisation inorder to be equipped with the ability to lead change and make the vision a reality.

The Belbin Leadership Transformation Journey

Emcure chose the Belbin team roles to enable this leadership transformation process which began in 2014. Close to 400 employees (as of May 2016) within the organisation have been equipped with the Belbin Team Roles language and insights

The result? In the words of the line managers themselves, ‘better collaboration, improved team spirit, effective delegation, smoother processes, enhanced engagement and worklife balance!’

Intact teams are now further enhancing their performance and productivity by leveraging the team role insights. Short impactful  meetings facilitated by the inhouse Emcure Belbin champion allows teams to leverage their Belbin insights in day to day working.

Here are some snippets  of the sharings of the leaders  from the ‘Belbin Learning Convention’  that was held for the Leadership  across the organisation.

Murali Athali who is an AGM Production leveraged Belbin to ensure better collaboration within teams working on shifts. He was grappling with the issue of conflicts cropping up and being called at wee hours of the morning to listen to team members and having to help resolve ruffled feathers.  On studying his shift teams, he realised that he had too many ‘Shapers’ in the same shift. He then re- assigned teams such that the Shapers and Monitor Evaluators were spread across teams. Result: Better  team working!

Harshad Shirwaikar- Director SCM, shared how Belbin has helped teams adopt  a positive mindset and a problem solving approach.

Better harmony in the team with reporting managers now understanding their subordinates and putting the right people in the right role given a chance depending on their strengths were high points for Vinda Dharu – Associate Director R&D

Dr Jayant Tilekar, Project Management Head,  spoke of how people are now, on their own, rising to the occasion when their strengths are required.

It was absolutely heartening to see leaders and line managers speak a language that gave them the ability to leverage resources and understand team dynamics.

We are excited to see Emcure emerging into an organisation that’s a leader in culture transformation and change!

Special Thanks to Mr V.D Kulkarni (Sr. Director HR) and Mr Rajesh Nair (Director HR) for inviting us to partner on this journey, their support and backing and to Mr. Vishal Karad (Head Learning & Development) for anchoring and driving the learnings within the organisation!

Here’s a quick read on the various applications of the Belbin Team Roles. Also happy to email you a document on the value and applications. Do share your email id here. (we will check with you before sending any other communication!) 

Three Ways to get the Best out of your Leadership Development Journey

I recently got back from a spiritual retreat and as with the aftereffects of good retreats, basking in its fruits of  greater clarity of thought,  renewed energy and that quiet confidence in knowing one’s next step. And while I sense a newness of approach to my work, I begin to think of how important it is for all of us to take that time off- more so in the corporate world where work pressure and deadlines can easily encroach upon every available minute!  Not switch off,  but take time off from regular, every day routine, tasks and chores to really spend time reflecting, discovering- like an artist, to take a step back and look at the canvas one is painting on, look at the palate one is using, look at those spots that don’t seem to fit in and say ‘what does this picture need?’

I believe Leadership Development Programs are fantastic opportunities to take that time off, to take a step back and let your intuition kick in, draw from your experience, challenge oneself with new  perspectives and equip oneself in the leadership journey.  Here are three ways to make the experience a rewarding one:

Discover–  Use the opportunity to discover your unique strengths and skills, what is characteristically you, and reflect on how can you best leverage this in your current work context. Take out those profile reports from your last leadership program, read them once again; you’ll find new insight, new areas to leverage. Go on, do it and you may find aspects, words that strike a chord, ideas to leverage and put into practice today (here’s a link to a previous article on how to integrate your Belbin team role strengths at work-  Create engaging KRAs leveraging one’s core strengths). Science tells us that experiencing awe can have transformative effects- man is said to be the masterpiece of all creation. What wonder lies within us. Shouldn’t we then take the time to discover, nurture the gifts and strengths we have and and more importantly ensure that we are leveraging them in new ways to build our teams and society.

Challenge- Challenge  yourself with new perspectives. As Marshall Goldsmith has famously said ‘What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There’.  Growing calls for letting go of the old and letting the new evolve. That’s not always easy, but therein lies strength and seed of resilience.  Leadership Development programs provide the platform to be introduced to and familiarize oneself with new  approaches. I believe the maximum learning can take place when an approach is not in alignment with what we are used to/ comfortable with. Such situations always present personal learning and with reflection, often present deeper insight into our selves and what we consider valuable.

Assimilate- Assimilate your new learnings that they take seed in your memory. It is so important to consolidate our personal insights and takeaways from a learning experience if one is to leverage them. I have found that especially during learning interventions, its always been best for me to consolidate and organise my learnings (ie write them down) before I get back to my familiar home/ work environment.  The key is to consolidate one’s learnings before distractions from the workplace and home reach you. This allows for the action plan to be put in place before you hit the road again post your learning retreat. Fantastic to have the learnings/action plan put up at your workplace in an accessible place where it serves us a regular reminder/ check.

Leadership Development Programs with the inputs and environment to develop and enhance one’s strengths, truly are opportunities to take that much needed  time off to take a step back and reflect on one’s ‘leadership canvas’.  Harnessing  these opportunities for personal growth will definitely go a long way in enhancing effectiveness. Wishing you an enriching experience the next time you take your ‘time off’!!

Check out the Belbin Team Leadership Discovery session to experience an opportunity that allows for Discovery, Challenging one’s perspective and structured Assimilation of learnings.

Celebrating a Special Occasion!

2016 is indeed a special year for the Belbin fraternity- Dr. Belbin celebrates his 90th birthday this year on 4th June! The UK team kick started the 90 stories for a 90th Birthday project earlier in the year and it’s been such a wonderful opportunity to hear from our accredited professionals, participants and those who leverage the team roles. It has been special to read the stories and especially the experiences that many have so thoughtfully penned down to share how the team roles have made a difference – at a personal , team and organisation level

Here are a few snippets of the sharings we’ve received! Dr. Belbin we’re sending you our warmest wishes.

Team Roles & Taglines

Here is a fun quiz to strengthen your team role understanding. Which team role characteristics do each of these taglines seem to communicate?

A big ‘thank you’ to Debasis Guha, Corporate Safety Team, Ultra Tech Cement for conceptualising this exercise and sharing it with the Belbin community!

1. motilal-oswal

Solid Research, Solid Advice

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


2. Idea

An idea can change your life

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


3. bose

Better sound through research

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :




4. jvc_684

The Perfect Experience

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


5. ups

Commerce,  synchronized

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


6. cisco-logo

This is the power of the Network. Now.

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


7. Air Mauritius 2

Non-stop caring

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


8. nike

Just Do it

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


9. IBM_logo

We make IT happen

The tag line seems to point to characteristics of which of the below mentioned team roles :


Question 1 of 9