Belbin Profiling Services

The Belbin Team Roles gives one insight into the strengths that one brings onto the table. It provides individuals with advice and a framework to leverage one’s strengths and manage weaknesses so as to contribute to one’s team and organisation in an impactful way.

Belbin enhances engagement levels at an individual, team and finally an organization level.

  • Increase awareness of individual strengths, understand how to leverage personal strengths so as to enhance performance at work
  • Appreciate individual differences and discover collaboration opportunities in your team
  • Gain insight into key attributes demanded by a job and how one can leverage one’s team roles so as to meet job demands


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Run Belbin reports for:

The most important value add of the Belbin is its ability to take in inputs from individuals  who work closely with the person in order to discover where his/her contributions lie. The Individual Belbin report is a set of 10 reports that include the following:

Individual Reports
  • Team Role Overview
  • Your Team Role Preferences
  • Team Role Feedback
  • Maximizing your Potential
  • Feedback and Development Suggestions
  • Suggested Work Styles
  • Analysis of your Team Role Composition
  • Comparing Self and Observer Perceptions
  • Observed Team Role Strengths and Weaknesses
  • List of Observer Responses

Understand the strengths of the team and get inputs on how members can collaborate with one another. The Team report is a set of 7 reports:

Team Reports
  • Overview of Team/ Group Composition
  • Team Contributions
  • Team Role Circle
  • Individuals in the team
  • Strong example of Team Roles
  • Team Role averages
  • Overall Observer Responses
Understand how team role chemistry can be harnessed to build winning work relationships between two individuals- either between colleagues or between manager and subordinate. This report helps identify areas of collaboration and possible conflict resolution inputs which prove to be invaluable for coaching while helping the duo play to their strengths and manage their weaknesses.
A key input in the resourcing process, the Job report enables identifying the suitable candidate for the position. To be completed by the manager, the report provides valuable inputs to the job holder and the recruiting manager on contributions and behaviours required for the job role.
Job Reports
  • Job Specification
  • Job Expectation
  • List of Observer Words for Job
The report is produced by comparing a Job report and an individual’s Belbin profile. It provides invaluable inputs for internal movements, coaching and individual development plans.