Belbin Accredited Practitioner

The need and demand for Belbin is increasing in today’s business and social scenario. The complexities we are dealing with has increased. Challenges we face at a societal, environmental level have increased. More than ever there is a need to truly be aware of and be able to leverage our strengths in a way that we can impact change. Collaboration and working with others becomes crucial.

We would like to feature our Belbin Accredited practitioners on the official PrePearl- Belbin India Representative webpage. Being featured on the page would be an official recognition of you being a Belbin practitioner with the knowledge and experience to leverage Belbin to impact change. You would need to have leveraged the Belbin individual profile for a certain number of individuals post your accreditation to be featured on this page. At PrePearl we will also have a chat with you to walk through your experience and highlights of your session.

Being featured on the page does not involve any fee.

Be part of the Belbin Accredited Practitioners page. Get in touch with us for more details.