Webinar: Making Collaboration REAL (20th July 2018)

With the future of work changing, collaboration today is a key competency for leaders and team members to possess. Technology is changing the way we work. In an everchanging work environment with industry uncertainties, creating new opportunities requires that we work together. Collaboration is a must not only to thrive but to survive!

We are delighted to have Shalu Manan, Global Capability Development Leader for Transformation Services business at Genpact join us on this webinar. I have worked with Shalu and every conversation always enables deeper insight and new areas to explore. Her passion and commitment to talent development, culture, performance and really brining about on the ground impact shines through!

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The need for ‘collaboration’ to meet the needs of current and future work environment
  • What makes collaboration REAL
  • The ‘technique’ of Collaboration
  • How Genpact and other forward looking organisations are nurturing a culture of collaboration

We would be delighted for you to join us Please do block your time.Would be great if you can join us. Please do block your time.

Do block your time

Friday, 20th July | 4pm – 4.45pm IST

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Inspiring Development Journeys that Nurture Talent and Diversity

So happy to present this month a webinar that explores what truly makes development journeys successful and impactful. We had the wonderful opportunity of working with Roopashree Shanker GM-Circle HRBP, at Vodafone UP west on their Women Development Journey. Vodafone is an organization with a keen focus on developing talent and building an internal leadership pipeline.

Today’s challenging environment calls for a focus on enabling talent and leaders truly discover their strengths and build the ability to affect change positively. Behavioural change is a process that requires attention, effort and time.

This webinar will cover

  • Key attributes that make a development journey inspiring and impactful
  • Insight into the Women development journey ‘Ascent’ at Vodafone UP West and aspects that worked
  • Nurturing talent and diversity in a dynamic world- challenges and opportunities
  • Insights to spot and design impactful change initiatives
Guest Speaker: Roopashree Shanker
Roopashree is a GM-Circle HRBP, at Vodafone UP west. She has worked across geographies in India giving her a keen understanding and appreciation of different market realities, cultural nuances, and diversity in teams. Her forte lies in designing creative solutions, building supercharged teams, and developing people capabilities. She has partnered with business teams in Vodafone in creating success stories in a dynamic & competitive business environment, implementing change management projects, and leading teams to deliver superior results. She is passionate about traveling, reading and writing poetry.

Webinar Host: Pearl D’Souza
Pearl is a Director at PrePearl Training Development Pvt Ltd. Her forte lies in working with teams to harness resources and maximise potential. Her research papers and presentations have been part of national and international forums and conferences.

Would be great if you can join us. Please do block your time.

Date: 14th December 2017, Thursday.

Time: 4pm-4.45pm.