Leveraging Job Reports

Job reports provide invaluable input to job holders, reporting managers and HR managers:

a) Specifying the type of individual that is most likely to do well in a particular job.

By getting the reporting manager to complete the job input, the comments from the resulting job specification report can be used to articulate the kind of behaviours that need to be demonstrated by the person in the job if he needs to be successful. Since the input that the manager needs to give does not make any reference to the team roles, prior knowledge of team roles in not required.

b) Career Planning

Individuals flourish when opportunities that leverage their strengths are presented. In choosing the next work role opportunity for an individual, understanding the suitability of the individual with the ‘job options’ will go a long way in presenting the right job change. The Job Suitability report compares the team roles required for the job with the individual’s team role composition.

c) Choosing the right person for the job

When a position needs to be filled internally, once again the Job Suitability report can be used very effectively.

d) Supporting Talent to succeed

While different behaviours are demanded at various roles, a high performer may often need organisation support to succeed in a new challenging role that seeks to stretch his limits and prepare him for the top post.  The job suitability report helps HR to identify the training needs of the individual so as to help him succeed in addition to providing the candidate with an excellent orientation input.

e) Job orientation for an individual recently moved into a new job/ work role.

In order to help demystify what is expected of the person in the new role (other than function requirements), the comments in the job expectation report can be very useful.

Also the job suitability report can be used at the anniversary/ 6 months into the role to counsel individual on how he/she can improve his/her effectiveness, either by demonstrating required behaviours or tapping other resources within the team to do so.