Belbin Workout- Quarantined Teen Tantrums!

Belbin Workout- Teenage Tantrums

Belbin Workout- Teenage Tantrums

Try your hand at the Belbin Workout we had recently. Here is a scenario some parents may relate to!

Sammy is a 14 year old. She is your quintessential teenager.? You try to set limits she’s the one trying to push the boundaries. She’s got an answer ready for any comment from you. Her peer group influence is strong and this adolescent phase is demanding more patience from you than you can imagine. The current lockdown is making matters worse since she doesn’t get the opportunity to go out. Her screen time has really increased. ??You are regretting taking the Netflix subscription.?️ You really want this to change!!

Your top roles are those of RI and ME

Sammie recently did her Belbin Getset with observer inputs from her friends and family and her top roles came out as RI, PL and SH. You were pleasantly surprised about the PL!

You plan on having a dialogue with her with the objective of reducing her screen time.

Here’s your question for reflection

? What would be some approach suggestions for this conversation