Belbin Workout # 128: Pause- Reflect- Go!

Get set for this week’s Belbin Workout. This week’s workout will be held via Zoom. It is a session exclusively for our Belbin Whatsapp Forum and our accredited professionals. During this week’s workout we will get a chance to take further the application of Belbin to build Happiness and wellness. This workout will give us a chance to really

  1. Reflect on our own reports and get insight for self in the context of Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of well being
  2. Explore and discuss how Belbin can help build happiness and wellness
  3. Get insights for our coaching and personal practice.

Date: Friday, 3rd April 2020
Time: 4pm-5pm

Requirement: you will need your Belbin report.

If you have done your Belbin profiling on the PrePearl system do let us know if you would like
us to resend your Belbin report with the video coaching link.

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