Belbin Dialogue: Happiness at Work & Home

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While we were preparing to put together a webinar on ‘happiness’, we find ourselves in the challenging COVID 19 situation. We believe now even more, when social distancing is the critical need of the hour, happiness and emotional connect becomes so much more relevant. 

If happiness is a choice and a pathway to  success rather than an outcome of it, then delving on this topic is critical. In a world that is dealing with change, uncertainty and ambiguity right now, creating happiness is going to be critical for sustainability- both for the individual and for businesses.

In this online dialogue, Dr. Ashish Ambasta, Director at Kincentric, Ex Aon will dialogue with us on his fascinating Phd research in the area of Happiness at the workplace. Get ready to dive in, reflect, and emerge from the conversation with jewels of insight to immediately action on!

We first met Dr. Ashish when he completed his Belbin Accreditation. Since our first meeting with Dr. Ashish, we have had the opportunity to know him more on his journey of really impacting society.
Dr. Ashish is also the founder of ‘School of Entrepreneurial Exploration’ (SEE) and the founder of SEE Talks that brings in the spotlight simple individuals who are making an extra ordinary impact on society. Dr. Ashish has been associated with 92.7 Big FM as a ‘Happiness Expert’ on the daily show ‘Love you Zindagi with RJ Dilip.’

With Dr. Ashish’s research findings, his Belbin Accreditation background and his focus on ‘on the ground change’, this dialogue will be insightful, inspiring and action focused!

Through this session you will:

  • Get insight into Dr Ashish Ambasta’s research findings to build ‘Happiness at Work & Home’
  • Explore how Belbin Team Roles can contribute to building happiness
  • Learn verified practices for leaders, and teams to integrate and build happiness

The session will be looking at how ‘Belbin Team Roles’ can be valuable in building happiness as we work remotely. To get the most of this session, a basic understanding of Belbin Team Roles is recommended. Hence the session is ideal for those who have done their Belbin accreditation, completed the Belbin Masterclass/ ‘how to’ session or have attended a Belbin workshop.

Belbin Dialogue: Happiness at Work & Home
Date: 26th March 2020
Time: 4pm-5pm

Dr.Ashish Ambasta
Dr Ashish’s life’s mission is ‘Reducing Suffering & Increase Happiness of those he touches’. A firm believer of ‘Positive Psychology’ and ‘Strengths Philosophy’, he drives his approach towards work and life using the same. Aligning people with business strategy is something he is extremely passionate about as he believes in people and their immense contribution in whatever one sets out to do. Dr. Ashish has held leadership positions at Willis Towers Watson, Aon Hewitt and currently is part of the leadership team at Kincentric a renowned talent advisory company & is part of Spencer Stuart family.

Leslie D’Souza
Leslie is the CMD at PrePearl Training Development. He is a behavioural coach & change expert with over 40 years of experience. His deep process knowledge and strength has enabled him to assist organisations both nationally and internationally chart transforming culture and performance journeys.

Pearl D’Souza
Pearl has led wide scale Belbin Implementation Projects in organisations such as – Tata Business Excellence Group, Chola Mandalam Finance, Hexaware, Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Her research papers & presentations on maximizing potential have been part of national and international forums and conferences.