Deploying Your Manageable Role.

Deploying your manageable role:


There are situations wherein as a manager, one may be required to make contributions that are not part of one’s preferred Team Roles. Eg: a situation where a senior colleague needs to be dealt with tact and sensitivity. If one’s top Team Roles are largely action roles, then behaving in a way that shows unilateral focus on the task with little or no regard for the sensitivity of the person will not be helpful. In such situations, a shift in Team Roles is needed. Adopting a manageable role will need a conscious sense of self-discipline.

When you find yourself called on to play your manageable roles, here are three tips to enable making the contribution effectively:

  • Keep in mind what is the outcome you need. Eg: in the above example, one may need the colleague to know that he is being listened to and getting his ‘buy in’ is crucial. Hence keeping this outcome in mind, one is better able to focus one’s attention and adopt the manageable Team Role that will enable this outcome.


  • Be aware of the time period for which you need to play the role so that you are aware that it is manageable and don’t get worked up. Playing a manageable role can be stressful because it requires conscious effort. Being aware that some discomfort is part of this exercise and that you are making the TR contributions for a limited time, can help one focus on giving one’s best and effectively manage the accompanying stress.


  • Ask another for feedback. This is crucial. Ask your team members to give you feedback on how you played your manageable role. This will go a long way in you polishing the contributions you can make whenever you have to adopt your manageable role. Since team members are aware that you are playing a manageable role, there is also openness in providing feedback. Asking others for feedback also encourages others to make conscious efforts to polish their own Team Roles.


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  1. At times, there is a new joy at experiencing the outcome of a manageable team role especially the 4th team role. Given the right opportunity and supportive environment, over a period of time the team role graduates to being a natural team role. It does strengthen team role versatility.

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