Webinar: Exploring Belbin Team Roles (18th Oct 2016)

Organisations today more than ever realise that the key drivers that enable talent to propel business results are the abilities to collaborate, leverage strengths and embrace diversity

This webinar is designed to allow you to explore one of the most renowned behavioural tools being used in corporate and academia worldwide. The Belbin Team Roles is the pioneer in team role theory and brings to managers and leaders the ability to predict and thus build high performance teams.

Through this webinar you will:

  • Get introduced to the nine team roles
  • There is technique in teamwork- Know the ‘how’ of collaboration, the Belbin Way!
  • Get insight into how Belbin is different from psychometric and other behavioural tools
  • Know how industry world wide and in India is leveraging team roles and the results seen


You can watch this webinar on Youtube in case you missed it before.

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