Leadership Transformation- Emcure Pharmaceuticals


When an organisation operates in a dynamic, high pressure environment and is on the brink of a new phase of growth and expansion, one of the key factors that enables success is a leadership team that is equipped to address the challenging times, leverage opportunities and most importantly tap into and synergise strengths that employees bring to the table.   Emcure Pharmaceuticals is one of India’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies  and an organisation that truly believes in the power and potential of our country. It is well on its journey to realise its vision of ‘Emerging as a technology driven global player offering high quality and cost effective healthcare.’’

The pharma industry in particular calls for very high levels of compliance and a stringent work ethic.  Emcure focusses on robust research, manufacturing processes and expanding its footprint globally.  At this crucial point in its journey, Emcure appreciates the focus and support that needs to be given to leadership across the organisation inorder to be equipped with the ability to lead change and make the vision a reality.

The Belbin Leadership Transformation Journey

Emcure chose the Belbin team roles to enable this leadership transformation process which began in 2014. Close to 400 employees (as of May 2016) within the organisation have been equipped with the Belbin Team Roles language and insights

The result? In the words of the line managers themselves, ‘better collaboration, improved team spirit, effective delegation, smoother processes, enhanced engagement and worklife balance!’

Intact teams are now further enhancing their performance and productivity by leveraging the team role insights. Short impactful  meetings facilitated by the inhouse Emcure Belbin champion allows teams to leverage their Belbin insights in day to day working.

Here are some snippets  of the sharings of the leaders  from the ‘Belbin Learning Convention’  that was held for the Leadership  across the organisation.

Murali Athali who is an AGM Production leveraged Belbin to ensure better collaboration within teams working on shifts. He was grappling with the issue of conflicts cropping up and being called at wee hours of the morning to listen to team members and having to help resolve ruffled feathers.  On studying his shift teams, he realised that he had too many ‘Shapers’ in the same shift. He then re- assigned teams such that the Shapers and Monitor Evaluators were spread across teams. Result: Better  team working!

Harshad Shirwaikar- Director SCM, shared how Belbin has helped teams adopt  a positive mindset and a problem solving approach.

Better harmony in the team with reporting managers now understanding their subordinates and putting the right people in the right role given a chance depending on their strengths were high points for Vinda Dharu – Associate Director R&D

Dr Jayant Tilekar, Project Management Head,  spoke of how people are now, on their own, rising to the occasion when their strengths are required.

It was absolutely heartening to see leaders and line managers speak a language that gave them the ability to leverage resources and understand team dynamics.

We are excited to see Emcure emerging into an organisation that’s a leader in culture transformation and change!

Special Thanks to Mr V.D Kulkarni (Sr. Director HR) and Mr Rajesh Nair (Director HR) for inviting us to partner on this journey, their support and backing and to Mr. Vishal Karad (Head Learning & Development) for anchoring and driving the learnings within the organisation!

Here’s a quick read on the various applications of the Belbin Team Roles. Also happy to email you a document on the value and applications. Do share your email id here. (we will check with you before sending any other communication!)