90 Stories for a 90th Birthday!


Dr. Belbin will be celebrating his 90th birthday in June this year!! To mark this special occasion, the team has launched a special initiative called ’90 stories for a 90th Birthday’. We’d like to invite you to be part of this initiative. We’d  like to invite you to  send in your stories/ experience/ case study describing how you have used the Belbin insights and the impact it has created, the value it has brought to you. It could be a case study of about 500 words or something small yet heart felt such as:

‘The Belbin insights really helped me see my strengths in a new light. I am also able to appreciate my team members better. The Belbin reports have been very helpful. There is a positive difference in how I manage and even my team members are noticing it.’


‘”In this project we were tasked with increasing productive time by supporting the workforce to be rehearsed and ready to work within the safety and production environment. We chose to use Belbin for a number of reasons; the focus it provides on contribution to the team, providing a common language for them to use, ease of understanding and cost effectiveness. We were able to see where the team had a surplus of certain Team Roles and a lack of others which, along with our other data, allowed us to make a series of interventions and recommendations going into the project execution phase. We will certainly use Belbin for similar projects in future.”


 If you’d like, you could even record a short video of yourself on your phone/ camera, sharing your experience and send it across to info@www.prepearl.net.  The idea is to present Dr. Belbin with sharings of how his work has added value and made a difference to you and your work.

With the long weekend coming up, perfect  to take some time to put down your thoughts! May we request you to send in your stories by the end of March ‘16 please.

So many of us have been touched by the Belbin insights and have experienced value at a personal, team or organisational level.  Would be wonderful to put our thoughts and experience down and share the same!

Looking forward to hearing from you.