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We are the India Regional Representative for Belbin and the Grid International India partner. We draw from rich and internationally acclaimed research and culture tools to enable and fuel a company’s performance.

The first India based Belbin Accreditation Course provider, we’ve been involved with Belbin right from its inception in India. Our deep understanding and appreciation for the Team Role Theory translates into effective application of the Team Roles within organisations to unlock team potential, and refine team dynamics.

We’ve worked with India’s leading hospitality organisation, the country’s largest engineering conglomerate and Asia’s largest plantation company to enhance performance management, build pipeline leadership and create a strong work culture.

We are happy to help you explore how you can maximize potential in your team.

Dr.Michael Thiemann and Ms.Sujatha Patel- Belbin insights into this winning team
In this segment on ‘Harnessing the Belbin Team Roles’ in working relationships, we speak to Dr. Michael Thiemann and Ms. Sujatha Patel from ThyssenKrupp India to understand how work pairs can leverage each other’s strengths.